SIL4S Kft supply the following service for satisfaction of our partner: to give technical assistance, service consultancy and studies in the Process Industry and the Factory Automation grouping as follows:


  • Studies and Classification based on SEVESO II Directives

1.2 Process Safety: Shut down Systems References and Inquiry

  • SIL 3 ESD systems
  • SIL 3 HIPPS Systems

1.3 ATEX References and Inquiry

  • ATEX 100a, about equipment and procedure in the Explosive Atmosphere
  • Ex Classification of explosive Plant according ATEX
  • ATEX 137, about minimum safety requirement of work place in the Explosive Atmosphere (Explosion Protection Documentation)
  • Preparing Explosion Protection Documentation of a Plant and/or Factory
  • HAZARD and Risk analysis of work place in the Explosive Atmosphere (part of the Explosion Protection Documentation)

1.4 Process Safety and HAZOP/SIL study based on EN IEC 61508 and EN IEC 61511 References and Inquiry

  • Hazard and Risk Analysis: HAZOP
  • Allocation of safety function to protection layers
  • LOPA study and SIL calculation, target SIL, target risk reduction
  • Safety Requirements Specification (SRS) for SIS 
  • Validation of the SIS
  • HAZOP Study of dangerous process
  • HAZOP Study of big machines and equipments (compressors, turbines, fire furnace, burners etc.)
  • SIL calculation of SIF loops and system in a Plant
  • Company Safety Manuals and Safety Policy 
  • Company Safety Application Guides
  • Company Safety Plan
  • Basic Engineering for SIS system
  • Supervision and evaluating of existing ESD systems based on EN IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards and SIL classification
  • Preparing study connecting to Ex and Safety Systems based on ATEX, EN IEC 61508 and EN IEC 61511 Standards

1.5 Training Courses, Education and post graduate education in Safety References and Inquiry

  • Training of Ex and safety systems based on ATEX including ATEX 137.
  • IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards for Plant operators, Instrument and mechanical maintenance people and Plant Management
  • Process Safety Engineer Professional in University of Veszprém In case of interest please contact us at E-mail address or +36 209 424 126 phone and visit our web site.

Please contact us if you have any question.


The SIL4s company provide the following services for our customers: technical consulting, education about the field of process automation and products automation.:

  • seveso ii
  • atex
  • Safety based on the MSZ EN 61508 / IEC 61508 és az MSZ EN 61511 / IEC 61511 standards
  • education and postgraduate education
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