ATEX standards

The first ATEX Standard: EU Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 100) which dealing with the free trading the goods and service within EU relating to the electric and electronic products using in explosive atmosphere taking into account the Hazards and Risks involved.

7.2 EU Directive 1999/92/EC (ATEX 137A), dealing with workplace in the explosion dangerous surroundings area. The standard gives guidelines and instruction for the minimum request regarding this workplace. The responsible of the owner to make the risk analysis of the workplaces and prepare an Explosion protection Documentation including the risk analysis of the workplace. The Hungarian version of the ATEX 137A is the 3/2003. (III.11.)FMM-ESZCSM directive.

Recently the more important standards are the followings:

  • The ISA 84.01 and ISA 91.02 standard in US and cover the application in the process Industry. They are superseded by ISA IEC 61511 1-3 (that is same like IEC 61511).
  • The European basic standard is IEC 61508 which is valid the entire industrial segment like Process Industry, factory Automation, Logistics etc. This standard involves rules and instruction for the Manufacturing Safety PLC (SW and HW). Also see our 9presentation about IEC 61508
  • The European IEC 61511 standard cover the Application of IEC 61508 in the Process Industry like Refinery, Petrochemicals, Chemicals etc. That is the Standard for System Integrator, Main Contractor and operators. Also see our presentation about IEC 61511

We mean that application techniques of the Safety Standards needs some practice in this field we offer to our partner consultancy in the field of Safety Standard and application of the Standards!

ISA 84.01

This ISA (Instrumentation Society of America) Standard was the very early Safety Standard in the US published and accepted in 1996. as a American national Standard entitled:
ISA 84.01. Application of the safety instrumented systems in the process Automation
This Standard was limited to the area of process industry excluding the equipment manufacturers itself. The Standard lay down a good engineering practice in the area of process safety consisting from two parts:

  • The compulsory part which give definition about the SIS concept (Safety Instrumented System) and other connecting principles, define the phenomena of safety lifecycle, and give prescriptions for all the part of the Safety lifecycle from the design to the decommissioning.
  • The second part of the Standard (Appendix) is informative and gives practical directives hoe to solve the relating problems in the practice. Also this part lay down basic rules and recommendations giving methods and example about the safety instrumentation in practice.

When IEC 61511 Standard came in force overwrite the ISA 84.01 standards and amendments.

ISA 91.02

The ISA ANSI/ISA 91.00.01-2001 introduces a new principle about the Safety Critical control loops:

  1. The BPCS solves the basic control tasks.
  2. The Shut down system protects the technological process.
  3. The critical Control Loops are, which failed may cause critical hazards involved Risk.

Based on these Standards the Critical Control Loops are in the same Safety Category like ESD systems. This must take into account from the beginning of the design applying the same safety standards (ISA 84.01). This refers to both the design phase and fro the complete safety life cycle to commissioning.

IEC 61508

In Europe the general valid standards is IEC 61508, consisting the following paragraph: (you can buy the standard any of the following web pages: MSZT in Hungary or IEC in Internationally ):

IEC 61508-1:

Electric/Electronic/Electronic programmable safety systems

IEC 61508-2:

Electric/Electronic/Electronic programmable safety systems, Hardware Requirements

IEC 61508-3:

Electric/Electronic/Electronic programmable safety systems, SW requirements

IEC 61508-4:

Electric/Electronic/Electronic programmable safety systems, definition and abbreviations

IEC 61508-5:

Electric/Electronic/Electronic programmable safety systems, example for SIL calculation

IEC 61508-6:

Electric/Electronic/Electronic programmable safety systems, application guides to 2 and 3. parts

IEC 61508-7:

Electric/Electronic/Electronic programmable safety systems, techniques and measures

The Standard covers the general devices and equipments, applications of all industry in General dealing with the calculation of the safety classes, the mythology of the risk assessment. The standard is the basic for the sector oriented standards like IEC 61511.

IEC 61511

The European Safety Standard for the process Industry is IEC 61511. This Standard is based on IEC 61508 and an interpretation for the Process industry accepted by US and world wide. The actual state of this standard one find at IEC.


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